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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Have you run out of shopping steam yet?

I'm nearly finished.  I still have a couple of errands to run and food to plan and get before the big day.

Some last minute Christmas suggestions:

Thinking of a pet for someone?  Think twice.  A pet is for life.  One of the things I do routinely, is repost FB posts of lost, found, abandoned pets, no-kill shelter posts and posts of rescue organizations.  There are thousands of missing, lost, found, abandoned and homeless animals in New Jersey alone.  If you know someone who's pet is missing or, if you find a dog or cat, or anything else, actually, take a look here.  There have been, happily, lots of reunions because of them:  Lost and Found Pets New Jersey (it's a brilliant idea and it's been working).

So, if you are serious about a pet, don't buy from a breeder or, especially, a pet store, visit our Directory of Wildlife and Animal Rescue and give a homeless animal a home for Christmas.

Thinking of animals, Lakota Wolf Preserve was open as of yesterday and is a great outing.  You might check with them if winter weather returns and give another gift and ask what they might need in supplies, etc.

This blog and the directories are focused on small, local, independent businesses in New Jersey but, every once in a while, something online catches my eye and I think you'll find this product and enterprise of interest:  Inkkas    
I love these.  When Christmas is over and I've recovered, fiscally, I will definitely be ordered a pair for myself and for my granddaughter.

A few more suggestions (I am running out of steam):

Flim Flam Candles, Cape may have truly unique and lovely candles.

Barbara at Devilbiss Designs provides period doll fashions for porcelain dolls.

Jewelry?  Thomas D. Cherin in Westfield or Michal Negrin in Atlantic City.

Lovely knits from Nahyat Designs.

So happy for the warm wind and thaw today.

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