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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The best intentions

I haven't been writing this blog for long.  I'm working toward a regular schedule but some things have come up today to interrupt today's schedule so I hope to post tomorrow what I intended to post today.

In the meantime, AwareNJ is seeking an independent book/media store to discuss a potential partnership, of sorts.  I am the owner of AwareNJ and a professional librarian with over 35 years of public library administration and collection development experience.  I also have experience with one of the largest book/media distributors in the country.    

There are things I would like to do on the AwareNJ web site that requires some kind of partnership with a book/media store or stores.  The concept I want to discuss should be mutually beneficial and I am open to additional and/or alternative ideas.

Please contact me at

Thank you.

Come back tomorrow for a normal post.

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