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Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Tapir Day - April 27 - Tomorrow

"World Tapir Day has been established, in the first instance, to raise awareness about the four species of tapir that inhabit Central and South America and South-East Asia. Each of the four species is in decline...."  from The World Tapir Day site.  

I became aware of this as I reviewed the links I recently added to our web site and came on the information at the Bergen County Zoological Park site.  They have a Baird's Tapir in residence.

Why should we care about tapirs?  "Saving tapirs helps to save the rainforest. Saving rainforests helps to save the planet and prevent climate change."

Tapirs are herbivores, solitary, shy.  Their closest relatives are horses and rhinos.  All but one species live in South America; one species is in Asia.  They have become endangered primarily, as I gather, through hunting for meat.  As the daughter of a hunter (of deer, rabbits, game birds), I know that intelligent hunters don't deplete their game; it isn't in their best interest.  Clearly, education is needed.  

Why should we care about tapirs?  Me?  I just like animals.

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