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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Have You Flossed Yet Today?


“Periodontal disease has serious health consequences that go well beyond cavities, tooth loss and, halitosis (bad breath)…Current research has clearly shown that periodontal disease is a known factor for increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, in addition to being a cause of nearly one in five preterm births and a factor in rheumatoid arthritis….” – The Oral Health Bible¸ Michael P. Bonner, D.D.S, et al.

Periodontal disease – gum disease.  Resolved by flossing, regular dental checkups and periodic professional teeth cleaning.

Flossing is essential to good health.


I bought a vintage, cherry chest/dresser yesterday and a large oval walnut framed mirror.  I’m not one for matchy matchy.  I think they look very nice together.  I brought the mirror home and the dresser will be delivered next week.  I was running out of space and have clothes piling up; and that’s after giving away quite a lot. 

I bought both items at

on State Hwy 57 in Stewartsville (Warren County).   I bought a cabinet there several years ago that I use for my fish tank. 
Harvest Star has a very nice collection of vintage and antique furniture, china, decorative items and jewelry.  I have to control myself when I’m in a place like this because I have a tendency to want to collect and I’ve tried to stop that.  Still when I’m in need of something, I often prefer something vintage over something new because of the quality of materials and workmanship.  The dresser I purchased is cherry.  I, quite honestly, can’t afford a solid cherry dresser. The one I bought cost about the same as one at a furniture chain and that dresser would be made from MDF (sawdust).  It was a very good buy.

You will find additional similar shops in our directory.

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