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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All Things Must Pass

It is with sadness and disappointment that I have to say that I am ending this business.  I actually never really got started.

There has been no interest; no visits to my original web site or to this blog.

I thought I had a good idea and that if I worked hard at it, I could make enough money to supplement my retirement which isn't far away.  But, I've been working at this since before October and I haven't made a cent and there's no indication that I will.

So, after a while I'll try to figure out something else to do about that.

My best wishes and thanks to those who have tried to be helpful.  Good luck to all the small, local, independent businesses that I discovered.  I hope you have better success than I've had.

If you visit and the About Us page, you'll see the services that I'm still available for.

The original website at and this blog will remain online for the period that I've paid for.

Lorraine O'Dell, Owner

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