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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Jersey Small Independent Business Treasures

So, a friend of mine, who's been trying to advise me on my business, and I have been exchanging emails.  He's trying to help me understand how to get traffic to my sites.  I'm not understanding that yet.

In the midst of this, I sounded off about the economy and middlemen and he responded that he appreciates the middlemen that make it possible for him to have Alaska crab legs, ice cream from Pennsylvania, lettuce from California, etc.    But, here's the thing:  neither he, nor you need middlemen.  New Jersey has just about everything anybody needs - and I've lived and worked in 4 states so I think I have a good basis of comparison.

Just visit my site or read this blog and find whatever you might want from small, independent, local businesses right here in New Jersey, like:  buffalo at Readington River Buffalo Company and pasture-raised beef at Bringhurst Meats in Berlin, artisan cheese at Cherry Grove Farm in Lawrenceville, artisan ice cream like the Bent Spoon in Princeton and handcrafted chocolates like those at Antoinette Chocolatier here in Phillipsburg, and New Jersey Shellfish Co. in Westville where you can get fresh crab.  

I haven't made a dime yet but this is what I want to do, discover and promote New Jersey, independent, small, local businesses. There are hundreds of them; this is just a sampling, and just specialized foods.  I cover jewelry, boutique fashion, natural cosmetics, artisan perfumes, wellness practitioners, spiritual advisers and centers, the arts, crafts, unique activities for adults and children and more.

So, I'll keep working at this for a while longer; trying to figure out how to make a little money at it.

New additions to our database:

Readington River Buffalo Company
Bringhurst Meats
New Jersey Shellfish Co.

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