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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just stopped by the pottery @ Rocky Hill featuring John Shedd Designs.  I drive by the shop frequently on the way to the supermarket but just haven't taken the time to stop.  I noticed a Help Wanted sign the past week or so and stopped in to see what help they need.  Something I can't do.

I highly recommend that you visit this little shop in lovely Rocky Hill, in Somerset County.  Be prepared to be stunned when you open the shop door.  I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you, you just have to get there and see what I'm alluding to.

John creates beautiful ceramics:  tiles, round and square platters, teapots, cups, treasure boxes, vases, tile paintings; decorative and utilitarian, large and small.  The shop is filled with beautiful things.  He also features stone, pearl and turquoise jewelry designed by friends of his.

It's a great little shop.  A great place to pick up a special gift; Christmas isn't far away.

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