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Saturday, October 12, 2013


I've been away from this for too long.  Time to regroup and redesign.  I'm working on the directories to add the mountain of listings I've collected and to make the directories simpler and more viewable.  

We're fortunate in New Jersey to have an enormous array of interesting and diverse small, local, independent business.  Despite the very difficult economy, these businesses are working to provide products and services.

It's our aim here at AwareNewJersey to help get the word out.

I particularly want to call your attention to:

Lost and Found Pets New Jersey - this is a great service that I want everyone to know about.  This Facebook page posts information and photos about animals that have been lost or found so they can be reunited with their families or new homes found for them.  Like them from your Facebook profile and share their posts so these missing and found animals can get to where they belong.

I'm currently working on the Animal Welfare section of the directories.  There are so many people throughout New Jersey, looking out for pets and wildlife and so many educators and educational organizations enlightening us about New Jersey wildlife.  I should have the directory revised in a couple of days when it will reappear in the list on the right.

In the meantime, Happy Autumn.

Photo acquired on Facebook, will post credit or remove on request.

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  1. Photo credit belongs to me: Elizabeth Gaudreau; Halifax, NS The two golden retrievers in the photo belong to me and are Chloe (12.5 yrs) & Forrest (11 yrs). This photo was taken in April 2012. Glad you enjoy it! ~ Elizabeth G, Dec 2013