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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot and Humid

Yesterday was difficult; very hot and humid. I heard thunder as the day wound down and hoped for rain but nooooo....

Just returned from the Montgomery Friends of Open Space Farmers' Market which has become a regular visit of mine on Saturday mornings.  Today there was a local artist displaying his paintings.  It's always nice to see new vendors and different wares.  I picked up a few things for a vegetarian pasta Alfredo I'm going to make later.  The Griggstown Quail Farm Market usually has a booth there with mushrooms, eggs and pies.   TreeLicious Orchards is often there all the way from Warren County, with fruits and vegetables.  There are several other farms and a winery that seem fairly regular.

I also stopped at the supermarket across the street and drove around the parking lot of the adjacent strip mall to see what's there. I'm still exploring the nearby area.  I might go out later to check out a pottery and an art glass place.  If I get there today, I'll post it here.  

Yesterday, on my way back from a nearly wasted trip to Trenton, since the State web site was down and the business I needed to conduct couldn't happen, I stopped at La Costenita (imagine the tilda) in Hillsborough.  I've been there a few times now.  Yesterday I had a chance to talk with la propietra un poco.  (My Spanish is so sad.)  Yesterday I ordered quesadillas de carnitas.  I love carnitas. I've had their soft tacos with carnitas a couple of times.  They use a seasoning in their carnitas that I don't use and can't quite identify although it's definitely familiar.  I like their food very much.  This is genuine Mexican food, not some Americanized version.  It will be a regular stop for me.  Their pastel de tres millas o tres leches is good but a little sweeter and richer than I really should be eating.

Visit the businesses I blog about and those in my directories which I add to continually.  Tell them where you heard about them.  Tell me what you like and don't like that you see hear.  Let me know about local shops that you like.

Have a great day.  Stay cool.

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