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Friday, March 2, 2012

Buy Local - II

AwareNJ doesn't list eateries - too many and plenty of directories to do that.  We do list, however, businesses that make foods, like chocolates and other sweets, ice cream, cheeses, buffalo, etc.  Do a search on Food.  Great Stuff!

However, we will blog about local eateries that we frequent and like.  So...

Last time we wrote about The 3/50 Project.  We support them and their idea.  The idea is to identify 3 local businesses that you appreciate and spend $50 a month among them, thereby having a major impact on the local economy.  Visit their site.  Great idea!

I, owner of, am a creature of habit.  I often hole up, work early and late trying to get this enterprise off the ground, then run out at lunch or dinner time, or both, drive 5 or 6 blocks to the local chain mart for a quick order sandwich to bring home.  After reading the thinking of The 3/50 Project, I decided to break the habit.  But to start this a little differently.

First, find a local business where I can get a good sandwich, preferably fast.  And, drop the chain.

So, I would like to recommend Marianna's Pizza Cafe in Phillipsburg and Bernardsville.  It will now be my preferred local sandwich place.  I was recently treated to a delivered lunch from Marianna's.  It was incredible.  I had the Lacquered Salmon.  Fantastic!  Yesterday, I called in an order for their Marianna's Cheese Steak sandwich.  Wonderful!  Fresh, tasty.  Really, really good.  I met the new general manager.  Today, I had their The Blue:  roast beef, caramelized onions, bleu cheese, horseradish mayo.  Excellent.

Try Marianna's.  Visit The 3/50 Project.  Follow their plan and support 3 of your local businesses by spending money there regularly.  Think of the things you spend money on regularly, at chains, at the malls, make a difference, find local independent businesses that provide the same thing, maybe a little differently, maybe a little better, maybe a little more personally.  Spend your money there.

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