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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Bit of This....

A little bit of this, a little bit of that this morning, experimentation with logos, as well:

The Importance of Art

We recommend visiting River Queen Artisans web site and visiting their gallery in Lambertville.  They're open today.  Art galleries are great places to visit.

An interesting post from Facebook: shows the importance of art in so many ways.

In addition to the River Queen Artisans Gallery, visit our site, do a search on the category Arts and see what else we're listing - so far - around the state.  Add your county and see what's near you.

Making art is also important.  You'll  also find, under Arts, a variety of places where you can do arts and crafts.  One that we going to add today is the Center for Clay Art in Lake Hiawatha.  There are many others.
It's also important to support the arts when you can so that places like
can exist and be enjoyed by everyone.

Healthy Cosmetics
Another interesting post on Facebook goes to this interesting video at Youtube.  Whether or not you agree with the information in the video, it's food for thought.  And, considering what your daily personal care routine might be, there are alternatives: 
The Little Egg Harbor Soap Company makes handmade soaps and skin care products:

And there are plenty of shops selling healthy cosmetics and skin care products and we keep searching for more.  Search on our site under Beauty.
Visit us frequently as we add more links.  Let us know how we're doing.  Give us ideas of more things to find for you.

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