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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exploring new ideas

Take my survey.  I'm trying to figure out what to do with this business. 

So far, the idea of a directory of the quirky, little niche businesses in New Jersey hasn't caught on and I'm not interested in selling some plastic tchotchkes just to make money.  I thought people would, like me, want to know where to find incense, artisan fragrances, handmade note cards, local fashion designers, papadoms, saris, mehndi, local historical societies, all the weird and wonderful that can be found in New Jersey but not at malls - but - so far - no.

One of the dilemmas, for me, is that I don't want to have a business just to make money.  I want to have a business that involves something I'm interested in and care about.  Just look at all the advertising, online, on tv, in print.  Most of the products and services I see are of no, NO, interest to me.  I don't care about what's in most magazines:  cheap gaudy fashion, jewelry, makeup, pharmaceuticals and same old, same old.

I've always been more interested in things that are out of the ordinary.  People who can put together a great, stylish outfit from finds at thrift and consignment stores and look couture are more interesting to me than those who have the latest designer labels, just like their friends and neighbors.

I'm blessed with good health so the mountain of pharmaceuticals and the ads and articles announcing the latest ailments that everyone seems to have turn my stomach.  I'd rather be healthy, thank you.

There are so many electrical and electronic gadgets on the market, it's difficult keeping up with what does what.  If I take a breath and think, I really don't need almost any of them.  I don't have a smart phone; I don't need one, an ordinary cell is sufficient, when the service is.  I'm using fewer and fewer electrical tools and small appliances at home; I can do most of what they do by hand and it saves on the electric bill and the environment.

I'm interested in artisan and natural foods.

I'm interested in genuine spiritual practices.

I'm interested in a clean and healthy environment and what each of us can do to ensure it.

I'm interested in a healthy lifestyle that focuses on and maintains wellness, not ailments.

I'm interested in everything in nature, plants and animals, and living in a low impact manner to preserve all that.

I'm interested in lovely, handmade, artisan fashion, jewelry, fragrances, objects - but I don't have to have everything I see, just a few..

I'm interested in the welfare of animals who can't speak for or defend themselves in the midst of humankind.

I'm interested in culture:  in books, history, arts and crafts, fine photography, theater, the better quality of human expression.

I'm interested in the out-of-the-ordinary:  activities for kids and adults, products, entertainment, music, art, etc.

I'm interested in genealogy, just a personal interest and hobby.  It keeps the brain working.

I'm interested in home and garden.  I love thinking about and looking at examples of things you can do to enhance your home.  I love to cook.  I love food.  I love to be outside in the yard, to plan and plot improvements.

So, out of all those things, what can I do or sell to make a living, now and as I retire?  It's been a question for several years.

I've created a survey that will, hopefully, help me decide what to do.

Take my survey  Thank you very much, I appreciate the input.

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