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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meditation in New Jersey


Leafy greens have been shown to be the top food poisoning source.

The results from a new government study were released Tuesday by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, indicating leafy greens, like lettuce and spinach, as the leading source of food poisoning, unfortunate since green, leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients.

Previously CDC estimated that, annually, roughly 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from food poisoning; that includes 3,000 deaths.

This new report is the most comprehensive CDC has produced on the sources of food poisoning; It reflects the agency's growing sophistication in monitoring illnesses and finding their source.

In the study, conducted from 1998 through 2008, the role fruits and vegetables played in food poisonings was noticeable.  About 1 in 5 illnesses were linked to leafy green vegetables — more than any other type of food. And nearly half of all food poisonings were attributed to produce in general, when illnesses from other fruits and vegetables were added in.

One of the study's authors said the finding shouldn't discourage people from eating produce. Just be sure to wash those foods or cook them thoroughly.  

Many of the vegetable-related illnesses come from norovirus, which is often spread by cooks and food handlers. Contamination sometimes has more to do with handling and cooking than the food itself.

Earlier, the FDA proposed new rules for produce safety to reduce contact with animal waste and dirty water, setting new hygiene standards for farm workers among other measures.

Also, vegetable-related food poisoning was shown not to be the most dangerous. The study also found that, while more people may have gotten sick from plants, more died from contaminated poultry. — about 1 in 5.

See more in this article at Yahoo Health


Make your own baking power - courtesy of WholeNewMom:

This is suggested as a way to reduce corn, aluminum and GMOs in your diet or just because you like making things from scratch.

Do  It Yourself – Aluminum and Corn-Free Baking Powder

Makes 1 cup
1/4 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cream of tartar
1/4 cup arrowroot (if you are not avoiding corn, cornstarch may be substituted.)
Blend all ingredients with a whisk to mix well. Use as you would regular baking powder.


There are several issues here:
  • The long term effects of GMOs in the diet.
  • That a corporation can patent a seed that, once grown, can cross pollenate the crops of nearby farms whose seeds then become the property of Monsanto.
  • Whether any life form can be or should be owned by anyone.
  • That cross pollenation by GMOs will eventually eliminate heirloom varieties of plants:  no more beefsteak tomatoes, 
  • That corporations have unequal support of governments over citizens.


We haven't completed our Directory of Spirituality yet but here are a few links to places where you can meditate in New Jersey:

There will be more in our Directory of Spirituality soon.

Spirituality vs Religion

This is a topic that interests some of us and a distinction with which some of us wrestle, from time to time.  I've searched online to see what others have written on the subject and I find, so far, that I'm not in agreement or not satisfied with what I've found.

Of course, it's the question that's more important than the answer, or, at least, in my sense of things.  Being in questions is a state of being.  One is general more open in a state of questioning that when has answers.  

However, I would like to offer my particular, and current, sense of the distinction between spirituality and religion, based solely on my own experiences of the two.

First, I should say that I'm not currently practicing any religion.  I don't identify with any religion.  I was raised a Christian, in our family's specific definition of what a Christian is.  I attended a specific church as a child until high school.  I left my church, more or less, in disgust, disillusionment and disappointment.  I spent many years searching and researching Christian sects and other related religions.  I found nothing that made sense to me.

Throughout my search, I had a strong sense that I there is more to life than what normally, usually occupies our thoughts, activities and feelings.  I felt that there is more to me than what I normally am in touch with.

What was missing, for me, at church, was help in gaining a greater relationship with the divine, with creation, with everything, including the greater part of myself that remains largely undeveloped.

For me, that is the difference between spirituality and religion.  

For me, religion is about rules, behavior, external practices that socialize and make living in this world saner.  I was taught a set of rules, a hierarchy of authority and a sense of consequences.  That was pretty much what I learned at church.  It was reinforced at home, not so much in the name of religion but in the sense of "knowing my place".

For me, spirituality is about inner development, in establishing a relationship with the Creator, with Creation, with all that exists and about practices that attempt to fulfill our greatest potentials.  In sensing our connected with everything, there is peace and respect and a profound sense of responsibility.

So, of course, there are religions and churches and religious institutions that are spiritual.  There are many, many religious people who are very spiritual and have a spiritual practice through their religion or in addition to their religion.  There are also spiritual individuals and groups who are not religious, that do not associate with or identify with any specific religion.


I recognize that doing business is about making a living, making money.  I'm afraid I'm a great deal less interested in either of those 2 things than in engaging in activities and thinking that I either enjoy or that I feel connects me with those things that I value, such as the environment, animals, the finer, quality man-made things, like culture.  I would like the 2 to be completely related.  I'm still working at that.

I feel very strongly that you cannot follow one sort of path for your inner growth and completely ignore that in doing business.  If your business ethic ignores your inner values, something is going to be lost.

I had an interesting conversation with my son a few nights ago and I have to stand by my wish to only do business in a way that I feel is justifiable by my inner values.  I selected the specific niche markets I promote here because I think they are worthwhile.  I think the markets are glutted with Stuff that is pointless and crap.  I don't feel any interest or need and most of what's out there to be had.

Animal Welfare

How can you look at a photograph like that and not be move by the wonderful variety of creatures with which we share this planet?


I think I've been too serious in this blog so, don't forget to keep a child-like, even childish sense of humor:

The source of any photos used in this blog will happily be cited or removed on request.  I'm sent or discovery a mountain of wonderful art and photographs on Facebook, etc.  Much of it doesn't give the source.  It's unfortunately,  I would love to give credit to those who created these images.

Please take my survey and help me turn this business around.  Thank you.


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