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Monday, February 11, 2013

Way Behind

Way behind, not an unusual position to be in but usually not a good one.

Valentine's Day


I realized today that Valentine's Day is upon us and I haven't had a thought about it until now.

Many things on my mind, not much thought for this blog and the upcoming holiday the past few days.  I'll try to post some links tomorrow for gift ideas.


Just a thought that's crossed my mind:

Whatever reaction you have to whatever issue, is, at least in part, due to whatever expectations you have thinking about that issue.  

If you love someone and expect them to love you back and they don't, you're going to react differently than if they do.  

If you expect paved streets and rescue squads, you're going to react differently if you've thought about what it costs to have them than if you haven't thought about it.  

You're going to react differently to people, if you grew up in an environment limited to contact only with people very similar to your family than if you grew up in an environment where there were lots of people who lived differently than your family.  

Whatever is IS.  Your reaction to what IS differs from those of someone else, in part, because of your different expectations.  

The realities remain the same:  our love is not always returned, potholes cost money to fill, there are millions of people in the world who think, speak, look and act differently.   

It's probably more effective to change your expectations than to keep reacting to the fact that sometimes it rains.

Wildlife and Animal Welfare

I've done a little volunteering at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary.  I hope to do more.   It's very messy and tiring but great fun to feed the babies: squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, fawns....  There are so many of them and they squirm and wriggle and kick but they're adorable.                                                                                                       

I also hope to do some volunteer work for Woodlands Wildlife Refuge.


I think they both do wonderful jobs helping injured, sick and abandoned mostly wild and but a few not-so-wild animals.  It takes a lot of time and supplies to keep these operations going:  incubators, cages, all kinds of different foods, medications, bedding, heating, lighting, and facilities.  

If you appreciate all the wildlife we have here in New Jersey; if you want injured and sick animals taken care of, please consider contributing, tax deductible donations to either of these facilities. Visit their web sites; see what they need.

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