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Friday, February 22, 2013

Working Away

New in our Directories

You can see Civilian Art at the Easton Winter Mart.  Civilian Art is art, fashion, stationary.  Very unique designs.  Civilian Art is the epitome of the kind of unique, independent, local businesses we're looking for to present to you.

Thank you Easton Farmer's Market for extending your schedule into winter and the Nurture Nature Center for providing the space.

Working Away

We're working away, adding entries in our directories.  Right in the midst of that, an idea of a different way to arrange the entries interrupted things and we're re-working some things.  Still, there are quite a lot in the directories already.  See the listing on the right.

Hawks at Your Birdfeeders?

I've been having this problem for a few months.  They're beautiful birds, there are several in the neighborhood, but I'd rather they do their hunting elsewhere.

According to a couple of web sites I found, you have some options:

  1. You can't kill them, they're protected, and I wouldn't want to anyway.
  2. You can stop feeding the birds, squirrels, whatever, for a couple of weeks.  The hawks will go away because their prey will go away.  Then you can start feeding the birds and whatever again and they'll be there, believe me.  Of course, the hawks will eventually get the idea so, repeat as needed.
  3. You can just let nature take its course.  And, I do, when I'm not present, but I can't when I am so, finally.
  4. You can do what I do and run out and wave your arms around and yell at them and chase them out of your yard.  They're really not very worried about me but they do eventually leave.  I'm sure the neighbors find it amusing.


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